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Our Approach to Social Housing

Outreach currently manages social homes in London and aims to extend this provision to other regions across the UK. Our strategy involves partnering with selected organisations that align with our values and mission, to collectively provide social homes for those most in need.

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We aim to provide assistance to individuals facing disadvantages in accessing housing, whether due to affordability, accessibility, background and people with support needs.

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  • New Developments 

  • S106 Partnerships 

  • Short-Lease Properties 

Hotel Key
Flat handover

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  • Intermediate Rent

  • Supported Living 

  • Shared Ownerships

  • Below-Market Rent

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Outreach was founded with the aim of supporting communities in London and Essex. As of 2023, our mission has expanded to encompass families and communities nationwide.

We plan to achieve this by collaborating with carefully chosen partners who share our vision, mission, and commitment to effective delivery. This strategic partnership approach will enable Outreach to concentrate on governance and operational oversight while fostering growth in alignment with our values and mission

Image by Chris Lawton
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